Musafir, the band

Musafir is a Hind Rock band hailing from the beautiful city of Delhi.

Musafir comprises Ashutosh’s (FameX, Fame Gurukul 2 Finalist) Indian classical and sufiana background and endless experience of ramp and music industry; Amit’s Rock and metal influences on guitars and heavenly arrangements; Anshul’s “Feel” based compositions which directly attack at heart combined with solid bass guitaring; Neeraj’s Extraordinary Beat Sense on Indian Percussions; Viresh’s Surreal, Mature and ever flowing Keys; and Deepak’s genius on double base metal drumming.

“What do you guys decided about life?” Asked one of the aged gentleman after one of our concerts. “Whats there to decide. Hamara music hi hamari life hai”, said Ashu reflecting the band’s sentiments. “Lekin tumhare liye music hai kya beta, ye to batao”, he asked with a twinkle in his eyes. “Music is an art of expressing our emotions, in a completely structured way that gives us satisfaction” replied our metal head.

“No my dear, music is that gift which can make an aged old man like me who is going to die in next few months feel alive again.”

We never met him again. But the Mantra he gave us has reverberated in our hearts ever since.

Musafir truly is on a journey in its own richly hued world. We dream of someday representing Indian music on the international stage, while demonstrating the strength of our roots and culture.

For more details please log on to

musafir at ABN Grounds, IIT Roorkee

musafir at Taj mahotsav, Agra.



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