Fame X Special


The bigger, better and stylish version of Fame Gurukul.
And this time it`s on SAB.

Young is what defines today. Fame X is here to find the omnipotent talent, and the firepower with respect to music performance.
X is bold
X is on the face
X is raw
X is the attitude you wear
X is the head held up high even when the chips are down…
X is here to stay…
X is the

The concept

16 young and raring-to-go individuals will try and survive 13 weeks of tough competition in the university of music (Fame Academy) under the vigilance and tutelage of great music maestros and other professionals from different fraternities. Week on week whatever they’ve learnt will be tested and adjudged by our distinguished and powerful jury and of course, the nation. Every performance round will mark the ouster of one contestant, so the competition keeps getting tougher at every stage of the show. At the end the best performing contestant shall be crowned the winner of the FAME X.

The Reality

Fame X is more than just singing…it’s life… and in life what does it take more to win a competition… Fame X is a search, a hunt to find those contestants who have that X-factor in them… who will survive the test of time and breed only the spirit of winning. For these 16 contestants, it’s dog eat dog… since the stakes are very high… Fame X will unleash conflict… that conflict which will thrive on competition and the contestant’s need to win…

The New Generation X

The soul of Fame X is music and the music will reflect the X factor. Fame X will explore all genres of music. ( Pop, Rock, Remix, Bollywood, Punjabi, Disco, Hip-Hop, the regional flavor et al ).

Journey of the X-Factor

After auditioning over 30,000 aspirants across the country, Fame X is all set to rock the nation with the 16 talented aspirants set to showcase their singing talent coupled with X factor.

It has been a month long exhaustive journey for the Dean Palash Sen & Fame Kudi Sophie Chowdry to audition the best of the talents across the nation. After the auditions in Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Delhi, Kolkata & Mumbai Palash Sen selected 200 aspirants finally reducing the number to 64 finalists.

The journey to Fame is full of surprises & the contestants at every step had to showcase their talent, drive & their X factor to make it to the next level!!!The 64 finalists had to face rigorous schedule at a two day workshop.

The contestants went through training sessions with Dean Palash Sen & vocal coach Sowmya Raoh.

Second day of the workshop saw Ganesh Hegde troupe train the contestants. Finally 16 finalists who exhibited talent & X factor were short listed to be a part of the Fame X Academy.

Reality in store

The coming weeks will take you on a roller coaster ride with all the excitement and frenzy reaching soaring heights. The show will take you on a higher level entertainment platform with grand sets, startling costumes and impressive performances by the 16 finalists. The 16 contestants will live together at the prestigious ‘Fame X Academy‘ where their raw talent will be tested to it’s core by industry experts, who train them vocally. They will also get to meet and perform alongside some of the music industry’s biggest stars who also mentor the contestants. Meanwhile cameras follow the students’ every move, 24/7. You all get to see their talents blossom and the drama of their personal relationships unfold as every week passes by.

Fame X Show Format

Each week will showcase individual contestants perform live and the judges will nominate four contestants for eviction in the DANGER ZONE. In the moment of high drama, one out of those four contestants will be saved by the Faculty & three still remain in the danger zone. But the drama doesn’t end here… In a highly charged moment on every Tuesday, the fellow aspirants too get a chance to vote on which one amongst the final three should remain in the academy while two still remain in the danger zone. The competition gets fierce as the fellow contestants vote against each other to save themselves & that leads to greater, behind-the-scenes drama, as the contestant could go back to live at the academy with some of his fellow contestants who have voted him out. Every Thursday, you get to watch the reality episodes, behind the scenes drama, training sessions at the Fame Academy…basis which you will vote for your favourite contestant. The voting lines close on Thursdays and the entire nation’s verdict is announced on Friday wherein one out of the two nominated contestants gets evicted.

Tune into SAB


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