Ashutosh 1Started at the age of three, as he sang his first song on the stage with bold voice but shivering legs, birth of a Rockstar took place.


Born bought up in the princely state of royalty and harmony Gwalior and dipped in gharana Vocal styles and singing patterns, he won every national or state competition at first place.

The studious and talented mind grew up to be a software engineer but somewhere deep down in his heart Ashutosh knew he was only made for music. And listening to his heart, he left his job to pursue music….Then Fame X found him. For him Fame X was his gateway to musical success.

Becoming a well known name in the music biz. Proficient in playing 22 musical instruments, Ashutosh has a strong background in classical music and enormous exposure towards Western Rock, having learned the tricks of the trade from the likes of Palash Sen, Daler Mehndi, Soumya Rao, Shafkat Amanat Ali and Ganesh Hegde.

His influences include Vadali Brothers, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Palash Sen and A. R. Rehman, along with Bryan Adams, Curt Kobain, James Hetfield and John Bon Jovi.

Ashutosh 3

He composes and arranges music on different music softwares and plays his old six string. With a great mix of Indian Classical and Western music, Ashutosh is all set to rock the world.

And as he says….



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